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I am sorry for your lose  / Nathan Crawford (none)  Read >>
I am sorry for your lose  / Nathan Crawford (none)

I am doing a paper in my Youth Ministry class at Liberty University and I am doing it on the choking game, I have been reading many articles and stories but yours breaks my heart because my oldest daughter is 6 and that is too far off from 11, I am sitting here at work after hours and I am crying my eyes out. I pray peace and blessings upon your family. I pray that through this horrible experience God can use you to help others know the effects of this silly and dangerous game.

I have 2 other children as well, 5 and 2. My heart goes out to your whole family and all those affected by the lose of Cody.

My prayers will be with you. God bless.

why you?  / Miranda Werner (friend)  Read >>
why you?  / Miranda Werner (friend)
sometimes i wounder why it had to be you. i just wish that one day i can build a time mechain that will take me back in time to go to ur house & stop you from trying that i just want you to know that your my friend i miss you down here on earth i just wish that one day this well all be a dream i just wish i could wake up from this horrable night mare. i just need you to know that because of you, you mad me the way i am today you made me come out of my shell & you showed me life is to short i just need you to know im kinda hurting here on earth, my heart has been broken into two, & people wont leave me alone any more everyone just wants to fight me but im not a fighter im a lover like you you was never a fighter you might have gotten in to fights be for but please just help me answer my prays please i love you Cody & i really do miss you Close
Why? / Heidi Schumaker Mother To Ronnie (Broussard)  Read >>
Why? / Heidi Schumaker Mother To Ronnie (Broussard)
Feeling your pain, your sorrow....crying for my son and yours...all I can ask is why?  Why?  Im so sorry. Im so very sorry...... Close
why? / Miranda Werner (Friend)  Read >>
why? / Miranda Werner (Friend)
I might not have cryed alot at your funeril but it mostly shocked me when you left. We went to elementary and middle school together and we kinda talked here and there. You tried to get me to go back out with Wesley and I said no. But all I mostly remember is your smile, your smile mad everybody's day a great day. When you left us I couldnt go to sleep for about 7 or 8 months because every night I thought of all the great things we did. And how you would just talk to me and make me laugh so hard in class. I just want you to know Kris is still hurt because of what happened he talks about it sometimes when he comes over and that kinda makes me sad knowing that he is sad and that your gone. I just can't forget you Cody you was a really nice kid, a great friend, and you always mad me just smile. When I first started to go to middle school knowing that you will be there was a big relive. But when you left I became more shy and scared of live. But know after 1 year, 6 months, and 16 days that you have been gone I grew out of that shell. You mad my life change forever and I have you to thank of that. Cody just be good and I hope heaven is really nice to you.

Miranda Werner

P.S tell god to help me and answer my prayers. I love you Cody don't forget about me down here on earth. Close
tO COdY  / KElSY BARNEtt (fRiENd)  Read >>
tO COdY  / KElSY BARNEtt (fRiENd)
hEy CodY ii MiSS YOU tO0 MUCh! lOVE YO0h bOY! Close
i miss u and love u cody  / Elizabeth I. Love U. (best friends )  Read >>
i miss u and love u cody  / Elizabeth I. Love U. (best friends )
hey cody i miss u and i always will i juz wanted to let u know that my mom and brother misses u i miss u alot i cant stop crying bout u. i cry every nite thinkin of u Close
PEACE OUT  / JESSE Ridgell (FREIND)  Read >>


y does it have 2 b this way  / Jon Cecil (good friend )  Read >>
y does it have 2 b this way  / Jon Cecil (good friend )
 aa wats ^ cody how u been in heaven ne ways tell god 2 send mii a message Close
i love u cody  / Autumn Whiye (Best friend )  Read >>
i love u cody  / Autumn Whiye (Best friend )
hey cody i love u so much i miss u so much and i wish u was here write now my world has chang so much i love u baby boy

Lil autumn Close
I miss u!!!!  / Kris Elder (Best friend )  Read >>
I miss u!!!!  / Kris Elder (Best friend )
Hey cody i miss youso much!!!
we were like brothers!!
when it came down we went down together (trouble)
I had a dream about you i wish it were true!
you came back to life and it was a normal day!
well i miss you so much!!
do you know what  im going to do?
im going to play basketball for conway or something like that and im goin to be your number 25 in honer of u
will I miss u so much
I love u like a brother
the of cody  / Ashley Henry (a great friend )  Read >>
the of cody  / Ashley Henry (a great friend )

cody i miss you alot and your smile i just can not belive you are i hope you are happy were you are at now i love you

i miss you soo much  / Samantha Craven (1 of his best friends )  Read >>
i miss you soo much  / Samantha Craven (1 of his best friends )

hay cody how has heaven been treting yew? i mis u so much it took me a while to actually find this website lol im so blonde {{still}} me  n kris arent together anymore and the day that the teachers told us about yew was valentines day will never be the same again..but thats ok me and alyssa are the only to peolple that went home wen thay toldd us about yew...i cried a long time and i still do i waz ballin wenever i saw this websit your mom did such a good job! well febuary 12th is this monday i ono if im goin to school or not...i sukz wit chu not bein thar no more cuz ur smile and your laugh would just brighten up anybodys day..i remember wen me n u started to lyk eachother how we sat next to eachother n math and we wuld always play footsie and you wuld just lay ur feet on boi i miss dat i always loved yew and i always will... o yea kris got a new best friend {{not that he thinks any one culd ever replace yew}} jis name iz brad hes new this year..hes almost as crazy as yew!!! lol but i justed wanted to kepp yew up to date i miss yew sooo much much love boo boo,samantha

Thanksgiving Blessing!  / Bonnie Thompson (Friend/Aunt)  Read >>
Thanksgiving Blessing!  / Bonnie Thompson (Friend/Aunt)
Dear Kristie & Family,
      I can't help but think of you all and try to imagine the sorrow, and emptyness I am so sure you feel every day but feels even more compounded by the holidays nearing.  Even though I share your loss, I can't imagine what your going through.  I know I would be angry with God at times, and I know that I would ache just to hold my child one more time.  I pray for you daily and I lift you in prayer for God to Bless your family and help you through the holidays by allowing your minds to embrace the memories of Cody.  Fill your Thanksgiving day and Christmas with his wonderful memory and celebrate his life.  Love to all, Always Bonnie Close
Thinking of you.  / Kelly Noriega (Passerby)  Read >>
Thinking of you.  / Kelly Noriega (Passerby)
I am so truly sorry for your loss of your son Cody. I know the excrutiating pain and sorrow you feel as I too lost my precious son, Chad one year ago today. You have done a wonderful job with his site and I am sure he is so very proud of you. I pray that God brings you peace and comfort in the times you need it most. You and your family will be in my prayers.
God Bless,
Thank you  / Dee Ayers (Passerby)  Read >>
Thank you  / Dee Ayers (Passerby)
To Cody's family.  I as a mother I  never heard of this deadly game.  After I read your story, I asked my teenager who is a senior!  She said oh yeah a lot of kids do it, even back in junior high.  I was shocked.  Your courage to get the message out on this so called game.   I honor you and your precious son.  Our prayers to you.  May Cody, help us from above.  I am so sorry sorry for your loss, may God comfort you with his loving arms.  Close
No title  / Me   Read >>
No title  / Me
Fo so long now I cannot even begin to imagine how I could just box your stuff up.  Your life does not belong in boxes.  Your shoes still belong under your bed.  Your coat still belongs on your floor.  All this time it has felt like a bad dream but yet everyday when I wake up and check your room.....

I think it is just now sinking in that you aren't coming home.  I will never again touch you, talk to you.  All I have is pictures.  Pictures of you.....that's it.  And out of all of your stuff in your room, it is your shoes you had on that day.....those shoes that I feel like are my only way to physically feel you again.   If you only knew how lost I am without you.  You were such a huge part of who I am.  Not a day went by that I didn't tell you I love you.  I would of walked through fire for you.  You were my Cody.  Mine.  My heart is so empty yet so full with you.  When someone loves someone, that lives on forever in the heart.  You are my heart.......words could ever explain what this has done to me.  All I can do is look at your pictures, hold your shoes, and just have some glimmer of hope you walk with me.  I need you to walk with me now more than ever now because in your hour of darkness I was there and now I am faced with my own darkness and I need you with me.  Oh God Cody.....if I could just have one more second with you.  Just one.....although I told you I loved you everyday, I didn't tell you enough. Close
Cody Is Doing What He Likes The Best!  / Marla Cartright (Angel Niki's Mom )  Read >>
Cody Is Doing What He Likes The Best!  / Marla Cartright (Angel Niki's Mom )

Dearest Cody,    I know you love to fish, but take just a little time each day to shower your loved ones with your love, surround them with your presence, let them know you live through them now!  Your very loved!

I Miss you  / Kris Elder (BEST friend )  Read >>
I Miss you  / Kris Elder (BEST friend )
Hey Cody and who ever reads this.
The memorial candles does not give me
any room to type what I want to type.
I no everybody misses you at are school
im going to the 7th grade how fun.
I never thaugh geting in trouble in ms.
Smiths room would be so much fun with
you and with Ms. Chaffey.
Gage still stinks ha ha ha ha (little joke).
I did not think I would miss you ever in me whole life than I do now. I see your brother 
Noah sometimes at my friends game 
Brandan Gouls at PRP panther football.
well I guss ill let you go.
Just one more quistion 
Hows heven up there?

Ill talk to you soon 
Have fun with my Cody and all of your angel friends  / Sara (angel mommy to Cody Creech )  Read >>
Have fun with my Cody and all of your angel friends  / Sara (angel mommy to Cody Creech )

For you Cody  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
For you Cody  / Mom (mom)

The little candles don't give me much space to write.  Why do I write?  It is all I have.  I think of you everyday.  You will forever live in my heart, my mind, my memories and my dreams.  I know that you know I did everything in my power to try to save you.  I carry on with the belief that maybe papaw was able to grab a hold of you and he didn't want to let go.  I wish I could go back and make this nightmare not happen.  I know you know how much I loved you Cody.  I do.  But I don't know if you would of ever thought I would miss you as much as I do.  You always knew I missed my dad and granny.  I miss them  but no where close to how much I miss you.  I visit your grave alot.  I keep it clean and try to keep flowers on it you would of liked.  I talk to you often there.  Just thought maybe I would talk to you here for a second.  I felt you close the other day.  Thank you.  It gives me strength and I think you knew that.  Thank you....I love you always. Close
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